Saturday, January 5, 2019

20mm Colonial project "Brits"

         These lads have been on the paint blocks for months. They never got any love with my warmaster problem. Two weeks ago I started clearing off my painting. Everything have assed and awaiting some love, got it. They were mostly finished last year. I edged the bases, flocked, and sealed them this year.
         This group will be numbers 3 and 4. Lost the reference, I am pretty sure the uniform are 1898. With the exception the gray dudes, I don't have any straight pants minis. The tan could represent the Lincolnshire and multiple Reg. wear the grey take your pick of which.
         Only some officers and skirmishers are needed.
          The grey dudes need wounded markers and a firing line.

          These dudes were missing the flag guy. Who knows what happened to the original flag guy? The Egyptian Artillery Officer was badly chipped and needed repainting.

           The metal dudes are from the "Flag Dude's" on sale box. The actual manufacture is unknown. The wounded guy is from Old Glory (15mm) and the die box is Pendraken.
         Half the plastic dudes are from this set. The special command British officers are HAT

66 done. The goal is 1000  minis for the year, only 300 from the Colonial project. 234 to go. 

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