Friday, June 14, 2019

General Terrain "hills"

        As the unpacking and organization continues, wonderful things keep distracting me. Those same things I bought long ago. All the same dreams and plans every gamer has for this or that. I will do great things with these, build this table, improve this system's terrain. Then time crunches and new wonderful things show up.
        Now I actually have time, the desire to get shit done, and nothing new has yet to distract me. I got a crap hill some one was dumping. A year ago or so it got stripped and redone as a terrain repair. This guy unintentionally became my test hill.
         Every piece I am working on is GW or Games Craft Miniature. All four are being done at once, because the it is faster. One after the other gets the same technique and material/tools. You could get maybe one a day done concentrating on only one. Or in in two days finish 4-6 depending on size and table space.
        To stick this stuff down I am using a 50/50 mix of IPA and white glue. I mix it in an old air gun pellet tin.

        The first step was laying down 2mm dead/winter grass. On top of that the flock box was used. Same 2mm winter/dead grass applied in spots standing tall.
(with the flock box I use a dollar strainer thingy from the dollar store)
Next the Autumn 4mm grass is shifted for only a very light coverage.

That which did not stick is tapped off. Same process again, tapping.
There will be viable white glue spots. They are filled in. The stuff is brushed into a pile and hand packed on. Hand packed is the wrong term. It is light handled and quickly dropped and lifted. It creates a messy standing grass.

A grass mat is torn into pieces for a aged taller wind swept grass tuffs. (Grass mats are the easiest way to get a lot of tuffs.) These are stuck down with pure white glue.
 By the time you have finished with the last one. The first one is ready for the next step. Just keep up the rotation and buy in bulk.
 Next gamers grass wild tuffs are stuck down with super glue next to the grass mat tuffs.
Lastly everything is coated with 25% IPA, 50% water, 25% White glue from a Home Depot spray bottle. That mixture will lock everything down and make the tuffs stiff. Nothing will come off after.

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