Wednesday, June 19, 2019

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters

         The World Eaters are not packed as tight as the other armies. The WE bases are larger. I am out of storage slots with this group. Which means I need to order another big giant box full of plastic jewelry boxes.
         First detachment of 5 speeders. A second detachment of bikes are getting prep-ed up.
        This guy took the second to last set of World Eater doors. I must have more? There is no way I didn't order enough?
        Six bases of daemons. The dogs were a prize from Cold Wars. The goal of everything being dual purpose, 30k to 40k is easy with the World Eaters.
         I had to go dive into the big Black Book I. And then III. I should sit down and read these! What the hell are Red Butchers? Well Now I know. Next up is the Red Butchers, Khan, and the Primarch.
        Some Imperial Fists dual action. I can't be sitting around waiting for paint to dry.

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