Friday, May 10, 2013

Galloping Major's Rogers' Rangers part IV

          A sick day. My voice is shot and my head is full of green-brown stuff. Perfect time to catch up on my minis. In advance apologize for not listing the paints used. I used a P3 wet palette and blending each layer on the fly. All were Foundry or P3 colors.

         I went with a dress uniform look. All the color pictures and art work depicted Rogers in a heroic light. I didn't find a fighting, on campaign example. Besides the mini will represent that heroic dude we love to read about and he is carrying his dress sword.

           The dress look gained him a white wig. The sword came out better than planned. Not too sure on the face. I will have to check him out in sun light. Otherwise I am very happy how he turned out. Mr. Rogers has been removed from the cork and based on a 40mm, 3mm MDF. I changed the procedure for basing my M&T forces. Now its a sand grit over all base, tuffs added, and finally the ADK fall theme.

          JO puffy face. He stayed on a GW 25mm round. 30mm didn't seem to make a lot of difference. Those puffy cheeks turned out great. He was a blast to paint, terrific mini!


  Jacob turned into a head ache. I painted his pants and face twice. His musket is almost the color of his hands. For all the effort in a sick man, I could not get his tomahawk looking proper. I even went and pulled out my reproduction. Which I made my wife hold as he was. Nothing would work today.

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