Monday, May 13, 2013

Conquest Indians part II

         Dan Troiani's brushy Run hangs in my bedroom. The print is what I have always pictured in my head while reading the Wilderness War. This is the reason why I painted the jacket with the highlander green.

           I love this mini. The fact that the bastard picked the dead and wears the jacket as a trophy resonates with me. As soon as I saw him a had to clean and get him primed. Once I started, I could not put him down. Usually I painted 3 to 6 at a time. This time I was only rotating between two.

           I used all Foundry paints, P3 flesh wash, and Army Painter dark tone wash. His bag I choose to leave the bead work off, another equipment item picked. War paint was required for this badass. His hair I am going to have to came back and retouch. I did stick him to a 25mm GW round. He will be move over to a 40mm round to represent a leader/officer.

          The other mini in the rotation, the little girl or lady. Surprisingly it was this female mini. I never paint the chicas, because must female miniatures some pent up pervert's fantasy. Its just not me. How do I paint dresses? How does light Vs folds in cloth Vs body type effect color? I was intimidated.
           With any mini that I don't know what to do with I start chipping away, by blocking in the colors. Before I knew it, she was coming a long nicely. At that point I was zoned and hell bent to finish her.

           Same deal. All foundry paints with the exception of Vallejo for the hair and fresh. I used P3 fresh wash and GW's Gryphonne sepia on the face. The hair was washed with Army Painter's strong tone wash.

      Another thing I usually never do, unless a customer requests, is the eyes. The reason is at the distance and scale you would not know what color the eye were.
       It was raining and I was have a great painting day. The eyes started off primed with a dark tone wash. I then took a Vallejo light blue centering the pupil. A water down white for a reflection. Then black lined were the eye lashes would be with GW's Babad Black.

            The fierce Indian on the run, out to brain some one got very little attention. His shirt and leggings are in the final steps

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