Sunday, May 19, 2013

Conquest Indians III

        Pushing through the second batch of Indians. This group will have more war paint and bead work on their clothing.

        This shooter Indian has some over the top develop muscles and his ribs are showing. I am not too sure how his flesh will turn out. I will try to softly blend in each layer.

        It all worked out fairly well. Still there are so rough transitions, but over all pretty smooth. The ribs are not as visible as I initial feared. His shoulders are way over developed, kind of sad. Over wise a great mini.
              The war paint is not turning out to be what I had envisioned. I think this will be the last of the war paint. I feel like it is ruining the mini and all my work. One, my red is way off. It is far to bright red. Two it makes me think of the star wars bad guys. I will be revisiting the war paint or re painting his head skin.    
              There the black war paint is transparent. It looks as it should. My application and patterns are what is destroying the over all look.

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