Monday, May 20, 2013

Conquest Indians IV

                The Indian leader dude's base is finished. I did retouch his hair.

      Once again the war paint is giving me fits. My red is too bright, too red. I need to plow through all my art work and root through my pictures of living history. After collecting all those examples study patterns and  light effects on the paint. Plus the hues. Until then no more war paint, its driving me to drink.

       I changed how I did this one shirt. I layered all the way up. Then took the base layer paint and used it as a glaze. I like the way it work out more than the inks or washes.
       The great thing or the worst part about a SLR camera, is you can see all the screw ups. I completely missed the braided cord holding his powder horn. The belt looks terrible. I hate the camera most days.

         One more Indian with over developed shoulders. His left arm is all sorts of a mess. Old boy has the Popeye thing going. I think the sculpter was getting lazy. Maybe taking bits from this mini and that mini just to fill out the line. The eyes seem to be close shut. Is he about to be shot? Is he running into the sun?

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