Saturday, May 11, 2013

Conquest Indians

The M&T craze is back. With Rogers' group leaving the painting table, I pulled out some more Indians. I switch from the rangers because of the indian in the Regular's coat. He is full of detail.

Also a little girl, or lady was found. Actually a bought a pile of them. She looks period and is loading a musket. Either way old girl won't be going down no indian trail without a fight. I don't know the manufacture, but I think she is 25mm. The top of her head just crests the shoulder of a Conquest Indian.
         A Conquest Indian running. I picked him out of the pile mainly because of the war club. Some one is getting brained!
         The standard method was used. They are primed P3 white. Then each gets a wash of army painter strong tone ink. I am at the next step in each picture blocking the base colors. After which I will start layering on the next color.

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