Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday Night gaming

          Another game of Net EA. This time Pat and his wife popped by and my wife's mother was over. Freddie showed up also. In all my years of playing I never had no chics ask me nothing about any game. Both the girls were interested in how the game was played.
         Julia only speaks Spanish, I don't, and all the rules are in English. She seemed to understand enough to get through an activation. Pat's wife did want to throw any dice, but seemed to show a lot of interest.

          This is the first time we have fought solely over/in a city. I used model train railroad bed foam stuff for the roads. I did have enough FW roads. They are almost impossible to find. The buildings are mostly FW, JR, or Gamecraft.

          We played the Total War City fight scenario.  It can be found on TacCom here; Only change being the deployment zones. We choose the corner set up as my dining room table is too narrow. Looking back, 3000 point is way to big for that table. Also the river was a bad idea. It completely limited our tactical movement.
          I deployed on the Church side. Freddie took the other with his Fists. I played BAs with the stormravens. Once again the stormravens failed to activate the first two turns. My death company failed every saving throw. That ensured Pat an easy win when Fred had to leave. 3 to 2.

          There are only 2 pictures. Both of the table set up before deployment. This is because we were smacking glasses early. One day we will get a proper battle report.

Ahhhh Cardhu!

          Cardhu is one of my all time favorites. There were years when I could not get any.  I had to bring back as much as I could carry from London. Once we moved to the Hudson Valley, I can't go any where without tripping over a bottle.
Pat carried over a bottle of Bruichladdich "Rock." Never heard of it before, nor seen it. It's not bad. I don't think I would ever buy a bottle.  The finish is very fruity. It's just not my kind of favor.

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