Monday, October 1, 2012

Thursday Night gaming

          Game night returns. It was Fred and me again. We got a very late start, 7pm. There are no pictures, as we were drinking without dinner in our bellies. We skipped the tourney objectives and had a slug fest over a central building. We ended in a drunken tie with our wives coming to drive us home.
          The game was 3000 points a side. Fred played Imperial Fists. I got some Stormraven models about a year ago and they sat in the mountain. Until tonight and with Fred's OK, I played the Blood Angel's list version 2.12.
          They look evil. I was worried that the 4 one shot plus 3 Bloodstrike missiles would be too powerful.  I did get off the all 12 Bloodstrikes at once. They crushed his Terminator detachment but did not break them. I will need a few more games to judge if they are under priced. Fred wisely never let them effect his battle plan.

          I replaced one of my Tactical squads rhinos with 3 gun ships at 75 points each. My thinking was that 6 AP4s at 30 added to the 6 AP5s would make them a Detachment breaker. The mistake I made was taking them with a Tactical Detachment. As 6 Razorbacks are cheaper and give you the same danger close support.
          I should have taken the Stormravens as transports for my Assault Detachment or as their own Detachment. The problem is once the Bloodstrikes are gone, they need to be danger close.
          Blood Angels V2.12 is pretty solid. I never felt short of activations or unable to counter what Fred threw my way. I will continue to test drive the list over the month.

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