Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The wine corks and some progress

          I always mount the dudes to old wine corks. The fake corks hold staples better. The natural cork starts to fall apart after the third use. Lucky me, Momma and friends drink the "two buck chuck." I get hand fulls of the fake corks every time I see her.
         Each is held on with a chunk of blue tac and an industrial staple. They become easier to hold. Also I don't drop or knock them. With metal miniatures they do become top heavy. That's why the generals, characters always get a scotch cork with the wood piece on the bottom. Those below are BTD and are metal. To keep them up right when not in my hand they rest in a solo cup 3/4s full of BBs.

          I finished 2 of the Auxilia and the wound marker dude for the final unit. I am happy with the way the brown tunic came out. The picture I took is crap. Bad lighting, or wife touched the camera, and I had not finished my first morning Dew.

          While chipping away at the last of the Auxilia my A.D.D. kicked in. I started to block in my BA Stormravens. I primed them with the army painted red. To give the red depth I hit them with a watered down P3 dark red. The cockpits were painted yellow and inked green. I like the idea of the night vision/electronics flooding the the cabin in that Mountain Dew colored light.

         Also I primed up the last BTD Auxilia dudes.

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