Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heating Oil

          Our hot water was coming off the boiler. We use heating oil. Ha Ha Rugs.

          We now have electric hot water. I didn't have a an existing water heater. It was crazy easy to install. Even hacking my way thru the wallboard.
          I cut out the oil boiler. Shark bites were used to cap it off. I did not have to run all new Cu. Only 5 feet, in the wall and down to an existing line. Then I covered all the hot water lines in foam.

What saved me flat out is shark bites. They are the balls. You only need to cut out 17mm of an existing pipe and have a little flex. Shark bites are reusable. If you mess up they pop right back off. They cost a mint, but with the frequency water heaters fail and the fact I keep getting older shark bites are well worth it.

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