Monday, September 16, 2019

Epic World Championship "packing"

          I have multiple painted armies. Most never see the light of day. Those that do, I would not have the skill to play or knowledge of the rules. Big surprise I am bring Tau. They will travel in my carry on within a chessex case.
My List;

       Being in Scotland in the Fall, the weather is always questionable. I expect chilly and the Scottish rain. The load out is running kit, and wet/cold kit. I was still able to pack my normal roll on. Even with double sneakers the zippers are not popping. It is an international flight, 2 free bags, but I am not humping 2. Everything else is in the carry on. My army, dice, whippy stick, cigars, combat roll, rain coat, and toothbrush. 

        Bags and Cigars packed, almost forgot the dam cutter and the army list. 
         I will hit the duty free on the way out of EWR. Unlike the states, the UK measures every glass down to the drip. Pre game tailgating will help warm up my dice.

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