Monday, February 12, 2018

NetEA 3000 point Tau Vs Eldar

        As usual I started off strong with the picture taking. Then quickly failed to continue. Only a few pictures from Turn 1.
We were at 6 feet under games again. Their gaming tables are very nice. Gaming mats cover the playing surface. Being made of mouse pad material, I must remember to bring a box to roll dice in.

My list;
I had some problems to start off with. All my Fire Warriors didn't make it back into the case. They were out for repairs. I fixed and never put them back. So, the 8 FWs with two Ion heads became 6 FWs with Devilfish. (1 pathfinder subing in for a FW).

     *Kroot spilling out of an Ocra into assault is a crap shoot. Next time, they will be fielded as scouts. 
     *Skyrays will never be taken as a detachment again. Next time, they will be split up as 2 upgrades.  Too easy to break and its a marker light that does not get used.
     *FWs with 2 Ions heads as an upgrade stiffen that detachment up nicely.
     *Recons with the 75 point for 3 Piranhas needs further testing.

Kal's Eldar
          Kal had a rough go. He had me thinking I was going to be tabled in turn 2. Turn 1, my right flank was gone along with my Blitz. I was getting rolled up.
         Then his dice went stone cold. 3 engagements in turn 2 saw me rolling box cars. Every save he failed, the reroll failed. I made 80% of my saves and only failed 3 activations al game. (never remembered my SC's reroll) All the critical hits I rolled for, popped his shit.

Objectives & Deployment;
The 3 detachments in the top left corner are off table. They will jump out of the Storm Serpents.


Kroot 2
Path Finders


Off table support

Stealth suits

Phoenix Bombers
Wraith Blades
Wraith Guard
Wraith Guard

Turn 1

(RF + right flank, FW = fire warriors, WB + Wraith Blades, WG = Wraith Guard, WL = WraithLord, KRT = kroot, C = center, LF = left flank
Tau win initiative.
T Skyray overwatch
E Phoenix bombers ground attack targets FW. 5KIA BROKEN
T Recon advances
E Storm Serpent RF doubles targets Recon. 1BM
E WB engages Recon. ELIMINATED
T Cuda1 ground attack targets WB. 1KIA 2BMs
E WG march into the city
T Cuda2 ground attack targets WB. 1KIA BROKEN
E WL RF march down RF
E WG LF doubles
T Pathfinders advance
E Storm Serpent doubles targets Pathfinders. 1KIA 2BMs
T Ion Heads double targets Storm Serpent RF. Critical Hit ELIMINATED
E WG C double targets Pathfinders. 2KIA BROKEN
T Suits double targets WG C. 1KIA 2BMs
E WL LF march
T enlarged Recon doubles targets WL LF. 1BM
T Ocra w/ KRT2 engage WG LF. 1KIA BROKEN. Taking Blitz

FW remain broken. All Eldar rally

Turn 2

Stealth suits land on Blitz, 0BMs
Avatar lands near Ion Heads

Eldar wins initiative
E Avatar engages targets Ion heads. Tau win, Tau win. Avatar dies!
E WG C engage targets Suits. Tau win, Tau win WG C BROKEN
E WG LF engage targets Stealth suits. Tau win, Tau win. WG LF BROKEN
T Suits advance targets WL C. 1 BM
E Phoenix bomber ground attack targets Ion heads. 1KIA BROKEN on disrupts
T Cuda1 ground attack targets WG RF. 2KIA 3BMS
E WG RF Marshalls
T Stealth Suits double targets WG LF. ELIMINATED secures Blitz
E WG C engage targets suits. 3KIA BROKEN
T Skyrays sustain targets WL C. 1KIA 2BMs
E Storm Serpent marches.
Retains - fails - fails SC Errol
T enlarged Recon sustains targets WL C. 2KIA
T Pathfinders FAIL
T Cuda2 ground attack targets BTS. 1KIA 2BMs
T Ocra ground attack targets BTS. 1BM
T FW w/ Ions double targets WG 2KIA BROKEN
T KRT2 Marshall

FW remain broken, all others rally. WL and WG remain broken, others rally

Turn 3

Eldar win initiative
E Storm Serpent doubles targets Ions 1BM
E WG jump out of Storm Serpent. Engage FWs ELIMINATED secures Blitz
E Phoenix bombers ground attack targets Ions. 4KIA ELIMINATED
E WG RF double target KRT1. 1KIA, 2BMs
E BTS doubles into city
T Pathfinders FAILED
T KRT2 Doubles to sit on top of Blitz
T Stealth suits March for RF objective
T Cuda2 ground attack targets BTS. 1BM
T FW double targets WG. 1KIA, 2BMs
T Skyrays double targets Storm Serpent 2DC, 3BMs
T Ocra ground attack targets BTS. ELIMINATED

Tau 3 (Blitz, T&H, BTS)   Vs   Eldar 1 (Blitz)

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