Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sudan project "stories"

1882 June 7th

         +6000 dudes sent to get the Mahdi. Heroes of the Gessi campaign and other battles. Including Shaigia Melek, known badass MoFo. Poor old Melek get assigned the irregular cavalry with Taha Abu Sidr. Never says how Melek goes down. But Sidr..........
Well his punk ass is kill in his tent flap next to the CO. Both in their PJs. Sad but they are punk asses! Why?
         Sidr had is fuck doll with him. A whore, slave, whatever. She served his sexual needs. Yet she was a no shit taking bad ass warrior. A goddam, Valkyrie. While those two died in their tent flaps sleepy eyed with cock in hand. (they were sharing the same tent?) Jumping over their dying body, comes Sidr's girl, pistols blazing. She shoots down two warriors, wounding others. Only after some "half starving, naked arab" rams a spear through her heart does she die on top of a national hero and her master.

That girl most likely a slave. A sexually abused slave! Was not about to die like her owner. She rained the pain and made those meant to capture/kill her pay the price. Worse than worse, her name was never recorded.

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