Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sudan project "Hat Dervish warrior update"

        I was drinking beer, wasting time on the internet. When google tripped on a dude named Al. Al has the molds or produces HAT miniatures. I cold called Al. Never thought he would answer back. Yet.......It seems he may, kind of, sort of kick out 10 sets for me.
8271 Dervish Warriors is OOP. 
         If old boy does hook me up with 10 boxes, I am looking at another 320 screaming Ansar. I will have to get 4 boxes of Waterloo dervish and at least 2 boxes of Italeri Muslim warriors. Next year will be 400 plus dervish dudes on 60 x 60mm bases at roughly 7 dudes a base is 60 some old bases. 9 units a group is 6 more groups.

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