Friday, June 9, 2017

Sudan project "Blue Jackets"

 Sand Sailors!
Perry Bros' sailors
           The blue black of a sailor's uniform was a tough match. I had first pulled foundries' 74b. It was too blue jean looking. The blue jumper top is almost black in color. I had to grab the whole bin of paints. Pulling out 4 more shades of blue. Painted a bit of each on some dudes. The ones I thought were perfect, ended up too blue. Pulling an old engineering trick, I walked all for 2 hours. When I got back the choice was dead in front of me. 
          The dudes above are in the order of the colors below. I ended up going with 66A. It was the truest of the Blue/Black for a sailor's jumper. 76A will be the flap on the back.
          There are about six different dudes in Newline Designs Naval battalion. I was rushing to mount them on the painting blocks. Huge concept error. You use the blocks for speed painting. The idea is to mount all like dudes next to each other and facing the same. Then as you work down the block your eye doesn't need to adjust for each figure. Also painting the same dude over and over, each consecutive dude becomes quicker to paint.
         You can see in the above photo that they are all over the place, facing in every which way. The extra 5 minutes taken to mount them up would have been save in the first block of dudes.

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