Monday, June 19, 2017

Sudan project "Blue Jackets" part II

Perry Bros
Number 15 is for the ratings and 24 officers. This is what we are looking at.
#1 Naval rating

 All my dudes have the round sailor hat. Not a one has the topical sun hat.
         They are coming along slowly. A lot more detail with opposing colors. Once again, I put too many dudes on each block. They have been transferred to their bases, 60 x 30mm. Hopefully the move to bases will halt the rework.
         4 line stands and two skirmishing.
         Old boy has done his gunners with white pants. They look good. No clue to how accurate the mix white and blue uniforms are. My gunners are still mounted to the blocks. With no more 60 x 60 bases, they will stay unmounted.

           I do need to go fishing for some officers. The officer that came with the Newline Design miniatures are in a long coat and Chief's cover. I will be taking officers from HAT's Zulu Command #8299.

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