Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sudan project IX

         Theses are some mean looking, no shit taking dudes. Very thankful I never had to stare at these boys running hell bent at my skinny white ass. Then you have those lovely leaf tipped spears.
         This has to be my favorite picture of these warriors. Especially the guy on the left. He has the zero fucks given look.

          I will be painting the larger blocks of Dervishes in 3 or 4 stand groups. It keeps the process moving. And hopeful I won't get to board painting 48 dudes at once.

          The weather has turned nice. Feels just like Pearl. I have been enjoying the sun. My painting slowing way down. These dudes are WIP, blocking in skin tone and spears.
(Sprain to the left knee playing football. Sitting still has been an issue this week. And my ankle looks like a preggo's after taking a spike)

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