Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Air Brush

          I have only owned the thing for a year plus. And the air brush paints also. Big plans for terrain painting in volume and saving money on primer/color primer. As with most purchases it sat around collecting dust.

         Then cam retirement and relocation. Living in Argentina has hobby supply related challenges. The biggest supply problem, no one has hobbies. Nothing exists here. Which forced me to amazon the adaptors I needed to connect the brush. (i think i throw them out. when packing to move) Then a forced trusting relationship with the newly reformed package delivery service here.
          Now I am good to go. Sort of. I had never used an air brush before. They are easy. 5 minutes of fucking around spraying paper. All white primer on the Dervishes. It is a toss up between skin and cloth being the majority color. I can paint the skin better and faster than any try at white. White for me usually ends up looking like cake icing.
All Waterloo Dervishes. If you do select these dudes for your fuzzier, some wear that skull cap thing. It is hard to pick out, who is and who is not wearing it.
Don't forget Fall In is close. Yes it is still at the Lancaster HOST. The HOST is still sadly falling apart, but the food selections are good. And there are better hotels for sleeping in walking distance.
           And the Epic Tourney Mechanicon will be at HMGS' Fall In this year! Of course you will have to register for each separately.

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