Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall In being joined by Mechanicon

          Before moving and retirement. I say before retirement, I attended every year. But then I moved to Argentina. Cost is much higher to attend now. When I went, I went to very one, every year. ( Fall In, Cold Wars, Historicon) Being a single parent of a small child, this was the best chance I had to bang out as many games as possible. I would play in 3 or 4 a day, from 7am to 1am or later.
          Now on 4-6 November Fall In is coming up fast. This year the guys running 40K's Mechanicon are piggy backing on Fall In. Great for HMGS. They will get 100 or so extra event tickets sold. The Lancaster Host is huge and the floor does not break your back standing all day. The food options are healthier.

          I have played in the last two Mechanicons. Great events and very well run tourney. Sadly The combining, kind of straight up fucks the Historic player. Why! Well we go and wait for the HMGS conventions to play in time periods not in our collections, scouting rules, testing that next project out before going balls deep into it. Any one of the Mechanicon's tourneys will take up the whole day. Most people would miss out on at least two games.
         Personally I am forced to choose between the Epic tourney or a day of historic gaming. It is a tough choice!
         I have asked the guy to run it at night or Sunday. This way we would not be forced to give up the best historic games run in the morning and afternoon. If Sunday, tourney burn out would not kill your "Let's play" attitude.
         The best thing I noticed was a change to the standard 3000 points. Kal is going with 2500. It is a great idea, tougher choices and faster games.

If you do make that cut and join the Epic gamers, they are the best beer playing group you will find. Bring your A game they are very good players. The terrain is especially good.  Details below

Epic Armageddon 2016

Epic Armageddon Event
Saturday November 5th.
Games System by GW: Epic Armageddon
Lead GM: Kalpesh Doshi (
The Mech Boyz present – The MechaniCon Epic Tournament
Army Size: 2500pts
Army Selection: All approved individual Army lists (see below links)
Rules: NetEA Tournament Pack (see below links)
Number of Games: 3 games on Saturday
Saturday Registration: 8 am to 9 am
Round One: Sat 9:00am to 11:30am
Round Two: Sat 1:00pm to 3:30pm
Round Three: Sat 5:00 pm to 7:30pm
What to bring: 3 copies of your army list, dice, tape measure, blast markers, objective counters.
Cost: 5$ to cover prizes (paid at time of event), separate from the convention badge
Additional information on scoring, army questions, etc, please reference the facebook page listed below.
You can join the discussions at our Facebook page ( )
NetEA Tournament Pack and Army lists that will be used can be found here:

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