Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sudan Project part I

                                                                     Sudan project.
           Sadly this project was initially started in 2012. Two posts were made over the Holiday break, 20mm Small Wars, and The Last Minis of 2012. 12 stands of CCW armed Dervishes and 6 stands of rifle armed Dervishes. I had a basic idea of what I wanted, and little direction or focus. I was just painting shit to paint shit with no real goal.

                                                                     Project Goals
           20mm plastics, even know the Perry bros have amazing minis in 28mm. 20mm is cheaper and faster to paint. Plus small enough not to weight you down in the details of each mini. There will be a shit ton to paint.  Still the plastics have enough character to keep me interested painting them.
           Originally (2012) I want the Dervish minis to allow me to cover Afghan and Sudan. Now I don't think it will work out so well.
           Today (2016), I will paint up enough Dervish and Egyptian minis to cover the action in the Sudan.  I am guessing about 450 to 600 minis. (72 done) British and India unit will pull double duty as originally planned. I have not purchased all the brits yet!
          To maintain focus, I only took with me 3 time periods. I did fail to bring the brass joby to connect up my air brush to the pumps hose. Priming these fuckers could be trouble some. As shit in Argentina is not widely available.

          My British will not look exactly historically accurate. They will appear more hollywood and perverted by my mind's picture of what they looked like. Still I chose this scheme for the first group. Also I will use those I have painted to represent whatever unit was at the battle. I am not painting each respective unit.
My blog is more an endless record of what I used on which unit. In the case that I need to add to or replace some units
          Started off running thru some of the blues and tans for the British.
          From the top of the wet pallet going left to right
         The tans left to right.
          Same blues in order dried in sun light.

Foundry skin range is pretty amazing. Best set I ever bought. I will be using 126C for the dervish skin tone.

     The locals will be on 60 x 30mm bases. The colonial powers 60 x 20mm bases. I am hoping that the locals have the horde appearance and the colonials a more dressed look.


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