Friday, June 3, 2016

Argentine WIP II

          First WIP and completed minis in Argentina. I no longer have a gaming room or special little place to paint. When we get residency and a house then maybe I will get a room again. Until then I am blessed with a limited focus. I only came with 15mm ACW, 20mm Sudan, and 20mm Modern.  
All of these dudes need to be dipped, flocked, and sealed. I have to or want to wait for a non rainy day to dip them. I can not have that smelly shit drying inside for 24hrs. The flock, I have to go steal some sand. To seal them I have to get the connection thingy for the air brush! Which I lost or completely failed to fucking bring with me.

First out of the gate 20mm Modern dudes.
           Pre-primed before I left. Ordered over a year ago. I had some fear painting the exhaust from the rocket. So they sat with the rest of the order unpainted.
         3 more African foot soldiers and a group of Arab women.
         Some Afghan civilians
           2 Non-combatant and 2 armed "Dickers." Taliban leaders and some muscle.
           T.V. crews
         American in local clothes and 1 old ball LT


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