Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Early Retirement.

          I am now retired and living in Argentina. Most of my stuff is in storage, awaiting residence and household goods move. Baggage limits on weight does not support the movement of lead soldiers. On the first trip down no soldiers came.
         When I went back to get the dog, the last of my daughters toys came and soldiers. I was able to get all the unpainted 20mm modern and all the unpainted 15mm ACW.
         TSA was very interested in my soldiers and paints. Even back in the day, when I could bring the paints onboard, they were interested. This time with lines longer than those at the VA. They were opening every box and calling fuckers over to inspect my paint jobs.
         Customs in Argentina wanted to see them, but lost focus in looking at pictures from disney. They never looked at my cigars, bottles of scotch, air brush shit, or the 15 pairs of sneakers i brought to sell.

         This was the first time I traveled with my paints as checked baggage. (I did take paints with me to Iraq. They travel with the advance team.) This time they were going under, in the bags with cloths. I packed them in food saver bag and vacuum sealed them. I was worried that them would dry out or start to separate during the flight.
          The paints all traveled without incident. The vacuum bags did lose the vacuum. The army painter dips, 2 cans, held the vacuum. Those I were very worried would leak. There is no cleaning that shit up.

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