Friday, August 30, 2013

City table I

         I only have a few hours every night and I can't paint every night either. I plan to complete at least tile every month. 8' by 6' means 12 tiles, one year to complete. Some months will be better than others. I hope that the more focused months will allow for the casting of roads and painting of the buildings.        

          3/4 MDF is the board of choice. Because it is heavy and should not warp. Then the thickness will allow me to drill holes and use pegs to keep the sections from shifting during play. Each board comes in 4' by 2' chunks for 9 USD with a military discount. I will need to cut them in two. As my table will have 2' by 2' tiles/sections. It will give me the ability to travel with it and store the dam thing easier without a load of crap from the wife.
         Only the roads and acropolis will actually be attached to the tiles. All the buildings will be removable.

         On to the first tile, the Acropolis. I choose to work on the focal point tiles first. As the features will be larger and I won't get bogged down in laying roads. Or running out of roads.

          I have cleaned the church. Working on flattening a curled corner. Mine is a copy and shows the sign of it. It is not a bad copy, but still a copy. What mold issues and details that did not come out will not be repaired. I mean for it to look old and battle worn.
          The board has been cut. The layout penciled in and the acropolis is attached. Once set I will start to shape the foam.

          I have been delayed by a commission and originals became available. The originals of course cost me a pirate's fortune.

         Here I am screwing around with Gamecraft epic and 120 degree water. I think the Gamecraft line will kit out the large government buildings.

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