Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blast from the past!

         Who remembers this castle?

         What shows up at grandma's house, but the old fisher price castle. I am completely shocked to see this toy ripped straight from my past. It was crazy to see one again after 25 years. The bloodly thing is close to mint. Now my hija has been playing with it for the last 6 hours. She loves throwing the peoples down the trap door.
          Mom never bought me one. There were at least two families on the street that had one. I think they got them used. They were beat up and heavily used. We played with the one at 2beers' house for years. Ours was always occupied by the knights from "Transogram" and "Timpo" or the "Men of 76." Thousands of yellow and red plastic indians died on those walls. None of which made it through all the years.

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