Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tom's VC government building part I

        Tom a family friend and a huge FNG gamer asked for a VC government building. At Fall In, Tom will be running a FNG game with the actual SF's OIC on the ground during the mission. Crazy right. The now Col. will leader the US forces in the game as he did on that day.

        He was unable to find a period building. Tom searched for the bits and bobs from doll houses to train stuff. He provided the schematics, doors, and rails. My commission is to construct it out of whatever I choose. Tom said he would paint it. Easy street!
        I selected 2mm plastic card. Then converted everything to millimeters. The doors and windows were cut out with a jewelry saw, fine blade.
        I start with the second floor. As the railings and roof would be the most difficult stages of the build. We had a do over as the floor heights were miss quoted. I discovered after trying the doors. All the wall needed to be recut and I need stock. Micromark to the rescue!

 The second floor.

The stairs are from Gamecraft. I took them from a Middle Eastern set.

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