Monday, August 26, 2013

Updating armies

          Still filling in slots in my marine armies. I am just about done with the BAs. A few more detachments and then no more red.

         I have a yellow marine army like everyone else. My first army and it has an easy paint job. It is an army that I use for intros and loaning out. Little if any attention has been paid to it over the years. It needs units to round it out.

          On to the next project. Not one of my epic armies are 100% perfect. I want one army that I have taken my sweet ass time painting up and that equals my current painting style. Plus there are fancy new shiny minis out. I was initially torn between Space Wolves and Thousand Sons. Both of which are sitting in the giant mountain of Epic lead. The 1000 sons list did not do it for me. It did not look as fun and maybe forgiving. The SW's list actually got me cleaning up some minis. Then...... The Dark Angels experimental list quickly sucked up my attention. DARK ANGELS

          I purchased from my old gaming group the demo DA army they had. It is in piss poor shape, so it was basically a give away. I got a lot of work to do. Everything will get new bases and flock.
          First up is a Raven Wing support detachment. I hate the all black they were painted. They were redone in foundry black equipment and midnight blue with some white added for the final highlight.

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