Tuesday, September 11, 2012


          Today dad sent this a link to the new Strategy and Tactics gaming edition #277.  He is always on the lookout to add books and material on to my reading pile.
          Popabear knew that I would read the rag every now and then. Dad also used to get free copies as a history professor. I am not a huge fan of S&T. The rag makes me mad. Most articles are half assed, 4th grade level drool, and 30 beans for a game. I normally pass.
          But this time it is Ticonderoga, New York State action. They got me and I can't wait.
          Being just a few hours away, I love the Fort Ti. Not because they have military discount and dogs are welcome. The whole park is beautiful. We go there every fall when the leaves change and I snowshoe there at least twice each winter. In the winter it is much easier to get an idea of the exact lay out of the french position as the black watch charged.
          Check it out!


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