Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sad Day


        The warp has swallowed yet another. A good friend and magic man producing 6mm miniatures was C&D by grandma wendy. This horrible event will be felt throughout the EA community. I will be awaiting your return, sir.

 May Chapter House slaughter granny.

Only reference to Specialist games.

 "Specialist" refers to our specialist games which includes titles like Blood Bowl and some other game titles that frankly we don't sell that much of. We lump them together and call them "Specialist titles".

Q; And "Specialist", those are unrelated to 40K?

A; Actually, we have a game called Necromunda, which is only related in as much as it is a game based on a planet set within the War hammer 40,000 universe, and we have another game called I think "Inquisitor" actually, funnily enough. In fact, yes, the game was called -- I had forgotten about that earlier, thanks for that, it is called "Inquisitor" which was in terms of the registered trademark there is another product which was a kind of a -- not quite a role playing game but it is a skirmish level game or the scale is bigger. So while as in our table top hobby war game Warhammer 40,000, an individual character might be about 30 mm, 35 mm tall, an Inquisitor, they are more like 54 or 60 mm tall. So those are specialist games. And then "Hobby" is our range of paints and scenery and paint brushes and pliers and modeling tools and glue, range rulers,
 dice, all that kind of stuff that we sell as well.

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