Friday, September 14, 2012

Road trip

I am off with my school yard mate, bobby 2 beers, to Gettysburg. We pulled stakes at 7am, fought the NJ traffic, and stopped to piss more than a van full of preggoes. Our guides are my all knowing and published father and cousin Howard a battlefield guide to be.

The first day's action.

We started off taking a look at the Cashtown Inn. It was closed. The road to the left is Lee's into Gettysburg.
 Next up was McPherson's woods and the epic struggle of the 24th MI and 26th NC.

2 Beers and Dad
McPherson's Farm, the house is gone but it was to the right of the barn.

McPherson's woods
Here I stand in Willoughby's run. I asked 2 Beers to get a picture for reference to the depth of it's banks. I should have asked 2 waters to do it. Any ways the banks are about hip deep with ankle busters along the sides. At a run one jumping in would not pause, but to leap up you would.
Willoughby's Run

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