Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Astral Claws Project

          At long last I will start to chip away at a new 6mm Epic army. About 6 months ago I commissioned a Lugft Huron, chapter master of the Astral Claws from a guy in Italy. The figure base is a GW metal termie. I think everything else is green stuff and plastic card. It cost more than a Vegas street hooker.
          As far as references go for color and details, I will using Forge World's Imperial Armor 9 and 10. The 10th volume has Lufgh Huron in it. Volume 9 only has tanks and marines for the Astral Claws.

          He arrived an sat in the box for months. Then I got him mounted to an old scotch bottle cork last week. Sunday was a good day for priming and last night I started with his armor.


          From behind you can see the GW termie used as a base. Plus a closer look at the shoulder details. I will have to come up with his back banner later.

          He was washed with a watered down black ink. An light armor wash and I started to pick out the blue. Yeah yeah, I know work from the inside out. On 6mm I work by surface area down to the details. 

           I will be trying a NMM for the shoulder guards. The base of english boot is down. I don't know how much will get done this week as I have a commission army that is one detachment short. Also I have to complete another two wound markers.

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