Sunday, February 9, 2020

Realm of Battle board "Custom Rivers"

         Another GW board I owned is getting a redo. I have 4 extra tiles from all the projects over the years. I want custom hill tiles and a river. The river is first. With a sharpie I draw out where it needs to meet up tile to tile. Some packing foam was used to create the banks. Dews and coke cans weighted down the foam as it dried.
Straight section
         Then a home depot knife to shape the river and angle the foam to ground level. Woodland scenics for rocks and detail along the banks. I got brown tile grout, med and fine gravel to form the river bed and harden the foam.
         The dark brown on the left has been set and measured for one of the bridges. The spot on the right set as a fording place.

         Next I will harden a the form with tile grout. This has to happen. Bill built form boards and people leaning on them left hand prints. Once the grout is down they will be harder than 14 year old's dick.
       Again a bridge embankment and a fording place.

         The 6 original tiles. They only saw 2 Cons after purchase. The flock and paint is coming off way too easy. I bought them as is. No idea what was used to under coat them or if them were even washed. Never had a problem with paint sticking. Abuse was the cause for any loss of flock or paint.
I am going to gamble and not strip and wash them.

        The skulls, dam the dude that put skulls on these boards. I would love to meet him one day. The tile would be near perfect. (Well 45 bucks a spare is a little much. If it was 30, they would sell them faster than ass at fleet week.) I have filled in every skull pit on every board. This time I used premixed tile grout.

       The grout is every warmers new duck tape. Its cheap, sold in bulk, widely available, and dries Egyptian stone hard. One bag will last a lifetime. I used chocolate brown and cream.

        Once the river sections are finished. Everything will get painted and flocked to match.

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