Thursday, May 9, 2019

Home ownership and a new table

        Zero minis have been getting painted. I got sent out for a injured guy. Then sucked into an escalation event. No painting, 14hr days. Once home I wish I was back out on the road.
        We or I built a deck, 2 gazebos, ran the electrical, put up gutters, dug out two onion boxes, dug out a terraced garden, and poured a slab for the Asador/grill.

        The worst was humping 16  80 pound bags of cement. Once from the platte to the cart, then to the truck, from the truck to the yard, to post holes or slab location, and finally add water to stir, shovel in hole. I am sore.

With the new deck, I have a proper place to burn a stick or two.

         I also scored a new work table for the paint room. I will be out of the family room and off those shit white tables. They are not shit, just too low. And now in my room no one be touching or moving my stuff. And the wife ain't got to explain to no chicken heads what that mess is all about.

          It was originally a drafting table. Some clown was selling for 100 on Facebook. This forced a room organization and relocation of the paint desk.

        I have laid out/started repairing trees and terrain.

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