Wednesday, May 22, 2019

10mm Terrain "Cheery Blossom trees"

         Himeji Castle Japan. One of the few originals that made it through the war. We bombed the rest. 

        I was never in Japan for the Cherry Blossoms, nor DC. At the old house in NY I had Cherry Blossom trees. You think of these amazing pink trees. In art/cartoons/pictures they are super pink. They are more white than pink. From a distance and grouped together they do appear more pink.
        My trees will be deep pink. Because that is more what you expect to see.

         I am using JTT scenic 95591. They are cotton plants/trees. You get 36 in one set for about 9-12 bucks shipped. All white dudes that will get hit with the airbrush to create the blossoms. I am using ghost tint "magenta."

         I will got another 2 sets for 18 shipped. 25 cents a tree? The pink will vary in darkness across the sets. I will mix them together for a Anceint Japanese table.

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