Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sudan project part VI

           British dudes. I got carried away and painted them wrongly? It was not to afterwards I took notice that their helmets were different from the Camel Corps. They will hopefully get base coated again and finished this week.

          It has been written, that a few individuals refused to were the tan or blue.
           Some british sealed
          Awaiting airbrush parts. They are stuck sitting around in customs at EZE in BA. Update: Someone tried to deliver them while I was out running. 
          I did amazon these parts. But I used a mates address in the states and then had them sent to me here. So far the promise of package deliveries returning to Argentine is true. They were shipped on the 19th, in EZE by 23rd, and delivery tried on the 26th. No customs bullshit, no money paid, no friends used to by pass the bullshit!

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