Friday, August 26, 2016


Missing in action all of July and most of August. Or sitting around not doing shit. Well sort of both.
          I have been out fishing a few times and hunting twice. On the river from a moving boat, I could not miss. When it came to birds, I could not hit shit. 11 shots and two birds.
          Most of my time I have been reading thru the winter here. There is no snow and only gets down to 50F. Not so much a winter for a Syracuse boy.

          Ancient Warfare magazine. I have a subscription and yet only read them in batches.

          I have been plowing through books lately. I smoked this book. I think I read the whole thing in a day and a half.

              Currently reading this one.  Snook's book are always good. Just every time I pick it up, someone wants to talk to me.
           Currently reading this one too!
 A little long winded, but interesting.
          Violence of Action was a great read. Out of all of them I read this one the second fastest.
          Unknown Wars was interesting. Sort of. Some parts of history I just don't give a shit about. Those chapters were tough to get through.

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