Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sudan project part V

          More Fuzzy Wuzzies. To bring as many minis as possible. I tossed the boxes and cut them off the racks. Different manufacturer, Waterloo. This box had many more different  minis, maybe 10 of each. The plastic is harder and more brittle. Some of the weapons did not make it traveling.
          This is two boxes worth.

           I saw some one else's work. Their Dervishes looked more massed, crazier, charging. More of what you would envision when reading the accounts. The change was made to 60 x 60 MDF base. And two command bases, minor on a 30 and major on a 50mm.

          Just about down, touch ups and dip. I need to secure paint thinner and still searching for a air brush supplier here.

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