Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Desert Terrain part III, "The Processing Station"

          With the whole base flocked, I have a problem. I failed to under coat or prime the plexi. I did this so everything would stick and never detach when the plexi flexed. This makes my sand see thru. The sand is not as thick as i would like. I need to spend a few days building up the sand depth and dune like appearance.
       The next group of items will be used for another large terrain piece. I have a small airfield and refinery in mind.
          Some storage tanks. These were painted be angle spraying. Light brown base, desert tan, and finally a high angle white. It is so hard to make them look as they do in the wild. I will add sand and stickers to finish them off.
         And one day the Librariums will get the tan paint job. They need the never ending soak and scrubbing.

       More walls and a landing platform sealed


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  1. Coming along nicely. The 'see though' sand doesn't look bad, in fact it adds variation and depth to the piece.