Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Desert Terrain part I, "The Processing Station"

         Back on terrain building. The processing station is a result of lead diving. I found a pile of oil refinery stuff. Why not quickly bang out some desert terrain? And I have zero plan, no end game only making random stuff.

          The Main complex and Minor Complex. I have chosen to use plexi again. I mounted a bunch of M&T building to plexi. It reduces the weight and every thing bonds very nicely. Where wood and MDF tend to absorb most of your bonding agent.
        FW roads, why not. I have molds and masters tucked away. The toughest part is getting a level pour to control thickness. In this case I am not too worried as the roads over there were never 100%.

        The walls I painted last week. The roads were brush primed. Here they are just getting blocked in.

         The defenses and broken sections. It is the 40K universe! There must be ruins and busted stuff. The walls I snapped in my hand. Pill boxes are from Denmark. Wholes in walls can not be left unattended. The large tuffs represent shifting dunes. The plexi will be covered in my FoF desert flocking material after painting has been completed.


  1. That terrain setup looks fantastic!
    I bet you can't wait to get a game going on it after all that work :-)

  2. One day, hopefully. Maybe I can get a birthday game set up next month on a desert table