Thursday, April 30, 2015

Más francés Base and Paint your shit Part III

   Like it says. You spend a fortune in time and money to collect and paint your army. Put some effort into the bases your army stands upon. It always seems that the basing falls into a last half assed effort or no effort at all. If your not creative, cheat. Someone more skilled than yourself has done all the work for you. 

French bases!!!!!

Lego is all about some pictures. So here it is. Follow the pictures and have at it! But be smart, there is a part one and two to this.

First up are these two. Paint the circles the dude stands on with these as your base color. Water the paint all the way down to almost a water color transparency.
You can notice the top missing form the Dark Grey 994. That is because "Model Color" blows when it comes to long term value. As you see below the
paint grew chunks.
Look close and you can see dried up bits and clotting type action going on.
The cure. My cure is two steel 6mm balls and a mixture of floor wax and water. First clean the tip out. Next drop the balls in and add the mix and shake.
The top drop is the fix. The bottom an example of model color bullshit.
2nd layer to color match the circles. Only add water to the foundation paint. The red leather is already transparent.
Dudes' circles color matched
Now you hate right! You dip your shit? Yeah I do. And you should too. This shit makes your minis near indestructible. Barring stomping on them, they will never chip or break, ever.
 They are line up this way for you to be able to compare pre and post dip.

      I don't just throw the bums into the can and then shake them. Don't do it, it is FUBAR. I got me a fancy artist brush and brush the stuff on. Then I go back, using the same brush and soak up the pools and add/remove the dip from different areas.

Let them dry for 24hrs. You will know when they are slick but no longer tacky. Don't spray them if they are tacky. They have a high chance of clouding and the colors will change. Once dry use a flat matte spray. I hit them twice with it.

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