Sunday, April 26, 2015

Imperial Fists Version 1.2

          Imperial Fists V1.2, same Version from AdeptiCon. This time I was asked to field bunkers and Centurions for a play test. Also thrown in are thud guns.

Imperial Fists (NetEA V1.2 - Developmental) 

4 Devastator units, 2 Bunkers + Trenches, 4 Thudd Gun

4 Devastator units, 2 Bunkers + Trenches, 4 Thudd Gun

4 Devastator Centurion, 2 Land Raider Crusaders

5 Land speeder

4 Annihilator

4 Destructor

SCOUTS [150] 
4 Scout units

1 Fellblade


6 Tactical units, Supreme Commander

I used all FW for the bunkers and trenches. My opinion stands, the trenches are too long at (125cm2) 50cm long x 2.5cm wide.

I took Devastor Centurions in Crusader Land Raiders. I just could not get the bums into action. The Gav guns are useless! Flexibility wise they are slow, hard as nails, but not worth the points. You need to buy them Raiders just to give them a chance at seeing action.

     I got two games in. First with Dave, Codex marines. Second with Chris, Feral orks. I lost the first and the second was a mess by the end of 3. No result.
     Dave had his activations maxed out with the fliers. The rest was standard run of the mill Marines. He did have one hound panning about, but it didn't perform as expected. Dave out generaled the shit out of me. I was scraping for every inch. Total loss.
     Chris' Feral Orks are a target rich list. Little shooting comes out of them. They have a nasty stomper detachment that throws out 12BP MW attack every turn. He picked on the bunkers and I left them alone. The fell blade gutted his detachments. It was the MVP.

     8 games in with the list, 3-4-1. I play, the list because I have yellow Marines. It is a fun list, and will continue to play it. Whatever is limited or removed from the codex list has no effect on me personally. I get the best results from a list with 2 fell blades.
     The bunkers are not to my play style. I do not like the static points created by them. Using them for or in a tourney setting will take a lot of practice.

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