Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Más francés Base and Paint your shit Part II

   Like it says. You spend a fortune in time and money to collect and paint your army. Put some effort into the bases your army stands upon. It always seems that the basing falls into a last half assed effort or no effort at all. If your not creative, cheat. Someone more skilled than yourself has done all the work for you. 

French bases!!!!!

Lego is all about some pictures. So here it is. Follow the pictures and have at it! But be smart, there is a part one to this.
Apply a watered down wash of the Hull red
Use it to very light with a loaded brush pick out the bricks. Just basically touch each one, only a little. Do not repaint the whole dam brick.
Mix the red leather with a little hull red. Don't water it down, don't add any water. I do this to get that uneven yet uniform looking brink. Go stare at a brick wall and you will see what I am saying. They all look the same, yet individually different.
The left has the mixture watered down. It pools. Porking the bricks, some are way too light and others half ass looking. The one on the right is proper. The bricks are picked out and terra-cotta looking.
Next dry brush with this one. Stay away from the holes the dudes go into.  DO this step before dropping the dudes in. Otherwise you highlight the hole edge and the circle the dude stands on. 
Next time I will plant the dudes and paint up the circles to match the base.

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