Monday, January 4, 2021

Regimental Fire & Fury "Into the New Year part II"

    As I move into 2021 the ACW is the focus. I have a lot done. Yet still only 50% through. Hopefully I can be completely finished by the start of June. It is going to be a mad push.
         There is still about 250 or so Southerns that need rebasing/repainting. Roughly half are done? Hood's brigade needs to be painted. All the Brigade and Divisional Commands will need rebasing. All the Cavalry needs to be painted. I have just started on the Union Cav.

     Round two of those left over from last year. Only the Low Ammo markers were painted. Everything else was rebased, sealed, and flocked. 

Southern Inf and Union cav
Horse Holders, Low Ammo markers, and a lone Union Dismounted stand

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