Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Your momma is a Sallie part II

XVIII Legion

I have roughly a 3rd of the cleaned up and mounted on sticks. Today all were based coated and first highlight. Tomorrow I will finish them. 
The resin Spartan was an easy one to open the front hatch.
A few super heavies awaiting the final scheme.

Masters for the bases are in the rubber.
         I haven't done this since 2004. I made custom bases for my 40K Rough Riders. I took a copy of a 28mm FW road and cut my bases from it. This may not work. I am working from memory.
        Dent Stone is soft making it easy to work with. After the models were made. Copies are produced in Dent Stone. Tomorrow when it is fully hardened, I will start to shape them.

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