Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sudan project "Sudanese" part IV

 All the minis are from the set above, based on 60mm x 30mm MDF magnetic. This will be the end of the Sudanese troopers until I pick up the boxes waiting for me in the states.
Two more stands. Plus one for skirmishing.
          This time thru every stand got "tuffs." I did go back and "tuff" the first 3 stands.

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 323 done. 8 more down. Another 377 required to reach the goal.

Painting Note;

Terrible example of dudes mounted to a block. Any ways they are all in a row.(This block is my time filler block. Any time something is drying, I use this one to keep up the momentum. It also allows me to work on special stands or markers.)
          This year, I started using wood blocks to increase the speed at which I was able to paint. They work great and I am painting faster than even. So much so that I got some jenga blocks waiting for me stateside.
          The down side is, if you miss something or make a mistake it is carried across all the dudes on the block. Perfect example; the left hand never got painted. You can see the white left hands above. I did not notice until edging the bases.

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