Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sudan project "Egyptians" part II

          Up until the 11 they have 10% off. Plus if you register, create a login, you will get 10% automatically. So it is 20% off this weekend. Being that I am out of Egyptian and Sudanese soldiers, it was perfect timing. Link

        The last of the Egyptians. 2 stands @ 5 dudes a stand is about all you get out of the Waterloo set. I need to find a better source for Egyptians!

        One would think I would have cranked these dudes out faster with 90% of them being white!

         No "tuffs" for these guys. Once there is more than 2 stands I will "tuff" them all together. This way they will look uniform with the basing.
Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 333 done. 10 more down. Another 367 required to reach the goal.

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