Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sudan project "status"

Almost half the year is gone. Group photo time and time to define the focus for the coming months.

As I review the stands, it becomes pretty clear there are issues.
          In the beginning I paint small number of dudes. As time went on I switch to the painting block (Tom B.'s strategy). It is easy to see the groups of warriors don't match up 100%.
         The basing was done one or two at a time. Now I am doing almost the whole group at once. The difference in sand color is disturbing. I have been straight up stealing sand from the neighboring construction projects. I will have to steal maybe a kilo from the last place tonight. That should set me up for the project.
         Also tuffs, matching tuffs, will be ordered for the next visit stateside.

The Dervish force as of June. 90% based 60 x 60mm

The Brit-Egypt forces. base on 60 x 20mm

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