Sunday, May 14, 2017


Weekend in Rosario.
         The Holiday Inn Express is perfect. The rooms are almost the exact same as stateside. My King room was missing the couch. Mine had a chair and a lot of empty space. Breakfast was a feast, both Argentina and American food available. No peanut butter!

We ate and drank our faces off. Rock&Fellers has Patagonia on tap, buy one get one.
Meat Pizza. Subbing the bread for a giant slab of meat with steak fries. It was massive and 240 pesos with beers for 2.

Race day
 Adidas blow up store. Pretty cool, heavily staffed, 4 fitting rooms per sex. They had only running stuff and only the newest. Prices were 80 bucks more than Amazon.
Vendor and sponsor lane.

3000 some odd people running the 21k that day. Who knows how many were running the 5k?

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