Monday, October 26, 2015


        A much smaller event from last year's. Nicer place, poor food options and the bar was not open all day. But the rooms were cheaper.
 Epic tables 1 and 2
          Epic tables 3 and 4
        The group
          The armies


         After all that waiting I got blown clean off the table. I did not win a single game. Maybe I should have played a few games with the Tau before taking them out. I was plagued by dumbs moves and choices. Fuck, I was even tabled in my second game.
         I went lead diving last week for a mate. In the process pulled out some the things that never got started and never will. Along with copies and doubles from my collection and the collections I bought over the years. I will be having a fire sale of old minis and try to unload some epic items over the weekend. Pulled in close to 300 beans.

    On to HMGS' Fall In next

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